Thursday, 30 November, 2023

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When we expose our skin to the sun, we should remember to protect it properly. Thanks to this, we can prevent dry skin and burns. Find out how to tan in a safe way, and what you should keep in mind.

How to tan without harming your skin?

UV radiation can be dangerous for us. It causes the skin to age faster, and overexposure to the sun dries it out. The first unwanted facial wrinkles appear. The skin becomes rough and less pleasant to the touch

When sunbathing it is very important to use appropriate cosmetics with UV filters. Thanks to them the skin will not be exposed to burns. The filter should be selected according to the type of our skin. For very sensitive skin strong filters SPF 50 are recommended. For darker complexions slightly smaller filters such as 20 or 30 SPF can be used. You should reapply a UV filter after every contact with water. Sensitive skin should certainly be protected more strongly, so the cosmetic with a filter, whether mist or lotion should be spread over the entire body, which is exposed and lightly patted. In this way we are sure that our skin is well protected. When bathing, it is worth putting on a hat, which will perfectly protect our head and face from the sun. It is worth using such cosmetics, which will have in them additional emollients that prevent it from drying. With sensitive skin is important to make breaks in the sun. For example, we can go to the beach when the sun operation is less, such as in the afternoons. Dosing yourself with tanning reduces the risk of sunburn. It is also very important to protect those areas on your skin that are particularly sensitive. You should apply more sunscreen to your bikini area and face. With sensitive and vascular skin, it is worth using higher filters. This ensures that the skin will not be exposed to even greater irritation and dilatation of blood vessels

Cosmetics after sunbathing

Sun bathing can be very harmful to the skin, especially if it has been a long time. It is worth using the right cosmetics, which will moisturize and soothe it. A good idea is to use special body lotions with ingredients that will help your skin regain moisture. In the composition look for glycerine and allantoin, which soothe irritation and make it significantly reduced. Glycerine hydrates the skin perfectly, because it binds water in the epidermis. Also suitable after sunbathing will be aloe, which significantly reduces inflammation and redness and improves its flexibility, soothing irritation. It is worth having aloe gel on hand when our skin after intense sunbathing will be very red and burning. Also helpful are cool baths and showers in cold water, which improve circulation and make blood vessels less visible. Many people use after-sun cosmetics with menthol, which reduces itching and irritation

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