Sunday, 1 October, 2023

foto: mrsbrooke/Adobe Stock

Do you want to have a trendy manicure? This season’s hit is Negative Space, which is a completely different way of painting, or actually almost painting – we leave empty spaces on the nails. Try it now!

Hands are the business card of every woman. Take care of your skin – make sure it is moisturized, free from discoloration or sun spots. As for the nails, they should be clean, even and in good condition. Do you want to follow the trends and impress with the most fashionable manicure? Opt for Negative Space, where the most important is not the color, but the lack of it.

Create graphic patterns with stickers made of thin strips, which will help you make precise transparent lines, and cover the rest of your plate with polish in a strong or pastel color. You can paint all your nails this way or just a few – each time the effect will be just as great and intriguing.

Celebrities also use this trend, painting a crescent shape at the base of the nail, which is left colorless, and only the rest of the nail plate is painted, or they draw waves, dots or flowers on transparent polish.

There are many possibilities and it depends on you, which option you choose. A combination of matte and metallic nail polish with empty spots on the nail will look great.

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