Absurd makeup trends on TikTok. Exaggeration?
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Absurd makeup trends on TikTok. Exaggeration?

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TikTok is a site where you can find everything from music and dance covers to recipes to makeup tutorials in the form of short clips. When it comes to makeup, some of the trends promoted on TikTok are thought-provoking to say the least..

TikTok is certainly a popular portal: in April 2020, the number of its users reached 2 billion. It is a mobile web application whose main idea was for users to create and distribute short clips, similar in form to music videos

However, it soon turned out that TikTok users do not plan to stick to the set rules and thanks to that we owe them hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of new trends, which are aimed not only at evoking a humorous or comedic element. Some of them are a mine of knowledge – TikTokers, taking advantage of the huge popularity of the app especially among young people, interweave humor with important information, tips and even tutorials.

So somewhere between a cake recipe and advice on how to clean the bathroom, we can also find makeup gurus promoting new trends or new series of cosmetics.

While some of the makeup tiktoks are very reliable in terms of knowledge or simply inspire with their creativity, others cause at least some consternation in the recipients. Seeing them, we ask ourselves many questions, first of all: what for? Let’s have a look at the most controversial makeup trends from TikTok

The quasi fatigue

Starting with an admittedly harmless, but still thought-provoking trend, we wonder what inspired this look. Namely, the main premise of one of the more popular tiktok trends is… dark circles under the eyes. Not true, of course. Users paint them with shadows or lipstick in shades of purple, then smudge them until they get the believable effect they dreamed up

The goal? To achieve an anemic, slightly unhealthy-looking complexion, but one that – supposedly – has many benefits, such as a “more natural look.” It’s hard to disagree with the claim that the dark circles under the eyes, typical of many people, are normal: they often appear with fatigue. However, whether they are part of a desirable, “natural” complexion appearance is quite debatable


The next trend isn’t quite as perplexing, but it’s still a tad puzzling. It’s all about the ‘lip wings’, the delicate ‘wings’ that are added to the corner of the mouth with lip liner to make facial expressions appear more sympathetic – by using natural shades of lip liner and smudging it in the right direction, you get the illusion of a smile

It brings to mind the Joker’s iconic smile, only in a more subtle and not so scary version. The idea itself seems to be charming, but in the long run it might be impractical – how will our ‘fake smile’ look like when we actually smile?


#makeuptutorial on how i line my lips 🙂 the lipstick i used is a custom shade from the bite beauty lip lab #fyp #makeup

♬ rush – Jessica Vu

Eyelashes… as if painted?

The latest interesting makeup trend on TikToku, which undoubtedly has a chance to work, but only in photos, and those taken from the right angle. Why? The main reason is that only in a well taken photo it has a chance to remain an illusion.

It is all about drawn-on eyelashes, or literally – painted-on eyelashes. Supporters of this trend explain its idea by the fact that, first of all, it saves time. Well “painted” eyelashes on the eyelid can look just as good as those for which mascara was used.

However, there is one issue that must be noted – this trend is promoted mainly by Asians, whose eyelids are shaped differently and are more conducive to this type of makeup.

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