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Are pumps or moccasins the only right footwear for work? Not necessarily. Platform sandals will also work great. Discover with us ideas for ready-made styling. 

Outfit for work in summer – what clothes and accessories to choose?

How to dress for work in order to look appropriate – this question troubles many people! It all depends, of course, on the place of employment, since it is clear that we choose slightly different styling when we work in an office, while others if we work in a store on a daily basis. But let’s assume that we are talking about office work, without a specific formal dress code. What should we avoid? Certainly defiant clothes, deep necklines or very short dresses and skirts. 

It is important to remember that in the workplace we are obliged to wear relatively subdued styles. This does not mean, of course, that we have to dress only in black, white and beige, oh no! However, it obliges us not to choose the same outfit for the office as for a party at the club. 

Shoes for work – beautiful and comfortable

We spend many hours a day in the office, so the clothes and accessories we choose should definitely be as comfortable as possible. There are various options, from heeled shoes to ballerinas or even some models of sneakers. In the summer, on the other hand, sandals are a natural choice, and as much as possible they can also be worn at work. One of the most popular recent trends are platform sandals. 

Platform sandals – it’s wearable!

They are worn by celebrities, but also by “ordinary” girls! Platform sandals are a great choice for any woman. The variety of models makes it possible to find something for yourself among them, no matter what colors or ornaments you like. Some of this type of shoes are very simple, while others are a really eye-catching addition to an outfit! Some ladies opt for elegant platform sandals and a heel or post, while others choose flat models. And you, what will you decide on?

Elegant platform sandals

Lovers of elegant styling are very keen on shoes that complement their look. Elegant platform sandals will be useful not only for evening dresses or a date, but can also be a great part of styling for work. Classic little black before the knee and shoes of this type? The set looks great! Another option is cigarette pants and a white shirt. Such an outfit will always work.

Women’s platform sandals flat

Perhaps high heels are not your fave, but nothing wrong! Flat platform sandals are also in vogue, which look equally good when paired with dresses and pants. If you care about lightweight footwear, just bet on platforms. They have that something about them that makes any outfit look even better. 

main photo: Kredenets

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