Wednesday, 4 October, 2023

foto: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

Flip flops are still a very popular footwear. Many women love them for their comfort and ability to match them with many different types of outfits. Luckily, flip flops are not just perfect for your bathing suit. Let’s see what else you can wear them with

What kind of outfits can you wear your flip flops with?

Flip flops are a very light summer flip flop that can go with many different outfits. They go perfectly with maxi dresses for example. They are a great match for boho style, which is characterized by thin and airy fabrics and many interesting patterns and colors that go with the summer climate. The gorgeous shades and floral patterns will make you feel feminine and light. Flip flops are perfect for this outfit. You can wear simple leather flip flops or flip flops that look like sandals with an ankle strap. Match with a boho look, a long dress or a summer jumpsuit, flip flops with colorful beads on the straps or with pompoms. Such summer accessories will make your outfit look unique and interesting. You can also wear your flip flops with a casual outfit. Wear them in an unobtrusive shade, such as beige or black. You can wear your black leather flip flops with jeans and a shirt or with a dress. You can also wear your flip flops with shorts, especially the trendy paper bag shorts. With their unique style, flip flops will add a touch of holiday flair, but will still be a very comfortable outfit. Flip flops will be perfect not only for summer. You can also wear them with pants or a skirt on warm spring days. We don’t have to wait until summer to choose these very comfortable shoes

What kind of flip flops can you find?

You can find very comfortable flip flops with a slightly thicker sole in stores, including chain stores. These flip flops have a thicker sole and will be a perfect replacement for sandals. Thanks to their proper profiling, these flip flops will be very comfortable to wear, even on a long walk. Thin soled flip flops made of rubber or foam are more appropriate to wear with your bathing suit or summer dress. Leather flip flops, on the other hand, can be worn instead of sandals, which have more straps and are not always as comfortable. You may find more elegant models with two single straps or as sandals with additional buckles at the ankle. Whatever model you choose, simple leather flip-flops will certainly make your less formal outfits complete and more elegant. A linen dress or a light skirt and pants, as well as a pair of overalls, will certainly look great with them. Matching them with a cardigan or denim jacket will surely make the whole look great

What outfits should you not wear your flip flops with?

Flip flops will not go with a very formal outfit. While they will go perfectly with a simple summer dress or a light linen shirt and shorts, they will not look elegant with a pair of tailored pants and a jacket. A lot depends on the fabric and cut of your outfit. Flip-flops may go well with light jeans, especially shorts, but thick denim or knitwear will not look good with them. For formal outfits, go for covered shoes, such as pumps or moccasins. Ballerinas are also appropriate. Leave flip-flops for a casual outfit or a weekend getaway. They are not meant to be worn with a swimsuit, but they are not elegant enough to be paired with an office outfit either. Think about which outfits will go better with your flip flops.

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