Monday, 4 December, 2023

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Thanks to modern technologies we are able to process more and more plastic, but its overproduction is still a huge problem. The solution is reusable packaging – thanks to it the Zero Waste movement has entered a new market. Let’s see what reusable packaging for cosmetics looks like.

How do reusable packaging for cosmetics work?

Reusable cosmetics packaging is made of glass or wood. They look exceptionally elegant and at the same time make us use much less plastic. They can be washed, also in a dishwasher, and they look very aesthetic. Thanks to maintaining the right proportions, we can store both shampoo and shower gel in them. Therefore, they are the ideal solution for travel – they can easily fit into a backpack or bag, which makes it possible to take all your favorite cosmetics with you. In addition, glass and wood do not interact with the contents, so your favorite products can stay with us for longer. They are also very practical, and by the way, you can use them not only to store cosmetics, but also our favorite jewelry. The Zero Waste movement has significantly affected the cosmetics industry, as it is responsible for generating a huge amount of trash. Every year, we throw away about 800 cosmetic containers. One of the solutions is to buy larger volumes of cosmetics and put them into smaller reusable containers. The real revolution, however, are methods proposed by manufacturers of ecological cosmetics, who want to significantly minimize the amount of waste

A project by Mi Zhou, a student at Central Saint Martins turned out to be revolutionary. She created very elegant packaging for cosmetics made of soap. Designed by her flacons and boxes with sunny colors and interesting geometric shaped plugs make the packaging a real work of art. Moreover, they can be later used for washing hands or bathtub. They are very light, and thanks to the fact that they are made of soap, they do not interact with cosmetics. You can store shampoos as well as body soap in them. The flacons take up little space and are very useful also after we use up their contents. Many people are convinced to such solutions, which can be very helpful in maintaining an ecological approach to life and nature.

Is it worth using reusable packaging for cosmetics?

In the era of caring for the environment it is worth thinking about reusable packaging for cosmetics. Not only will we reduce the amount of garbage we have to segregate at home, but we will also take care of our budget – when buying cosmetics in disposable packaging, we often choose too many of them. A good solution is to buy fewer cosmetics by choosing such products that we will actually use. Reusable packaging will allow us to better control the amount of money we spend and at the same time reduce the amount of plastic in our bathroom. The only disadvantage of reusable packaging is that not many organic stores offer refills. The first Cosmetomats are being set up in Rossman in the Czech Republic, where you can fill up a reusable container with the cosmetic you need for a fee. In the same Cosmetomat you can also buy liquids for washing or rinsing. This solution is slowly appearing also in Poland.

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