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Feeling like your dressing room is outdated and want to revamp it? Are you looking for inspiration for redecorating your clothes room? Our advice

When planning your home’s closet arrangement, there are several elements to consider, such as room size, ventilation, lighting and furnishings. You can create a storage space for clothes and shoes out of almost any space. Make sure the room has natural air circulation such as a window. If you don’t have one in your dressing room, install ventilation grilles to help exhaust the air. It is also recommended to buy e.g. scented leaves, thanks to which you can keep fabrics fresh and avoid moths

Narrow closet

The idea of making a small space into a dressing room is viable. You just need the right paint for the walls and furnishings. As for the color scheme, definitely bet on light colors – this way you will optically enlarge the place. Remember that dark colors reduce the size of the room

A good solution is cabinets with pull-out shelves, which will not take up already small space. Thanks to this equipment, you will hide such things as underwear, jackets and sweatshirts in one place. However, if you want to specify the place for shoes, you can buy a fabric shoe organizer and hang it on the closet or put a small cabinet. Despite the smaller space, you can also insert a stool (wooden or plastic), on which you will be able to put on shoes comfortably. Moreover, you can put cardboard boxes on the closet to store clothes that you don’t wear at a given time of the year. Finally, take care of the lighting in the form of ceiling lamps or led lights. Thanks to them you will illuminate and visually improve the closet

Dressing room with glass buildings

A brave choice will be the arrangement of a closet with glass, which will diversify the appearance of the stored clothes. Take care to measure the exact wall and the closet on which you want to create the enclosure. This also applies to the exact proportions of the glass. The mounting of the glass is based on castors, which you can safely move around. This solution will work in much larger rooms. Inside the closet, place a tube for clothes hangers. If you have a lot of elegant clothes, it’s worth getting special bags to isolate the fabric from dust. You can put boxes of shoes on the lower shelves. This way your clothes and accessories will be presented in an elegant style. Besides, it is worth buying furniture with sliding drawers, where you can put towels and jewelry.

You can also get an air freshener, which will make staying in the room more pleasant. One of the companies that offers a wide range of room equipment is

Also take care of the panels, carpet and boards, on which you can put a carpet made of natural fibers, which perfectly harmonize with the surroundings

What works for a large dressing room?

Larger rooms can be painted in colors such as dark green, navy blue and red, because it will not optically reduce the available space. However, remember to keep a balance – you can choose brown countertops and cream cabinets, for example. If you have room for it, in the central part of the closet you may put a sofa made of leather-like fabric. Install mirrors on the walls so you can easily look at yourself and check how you look in a given outfit. There are round, square, oval and rectangular models available

Finally, remember about two things – hangers and a rug on the floor. Wooden hangers are best, as they are sturdy and elegant. Additionally, you can install a metal handbag rack near the closet, so that everything is close at hand. If you want to put a rug on a wooden or laminate floor, choose a light-coloured, soft-touch rug, which will also beautify the interior.

Main photo: Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

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