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White pants have been arousing trepidation and admiration for years. Many women are directly crazy about them, but there is no shortage of those who are even afraid to look in their direction. How to tame this trend and make white pants settle in your closet for good? There are several ways to do it, we will tell you the proven ones so that you can wear stylish pants with peace of mind and full comfort. 

White pants in summer – interesting styles

Depending on which cut of pants you choose, each of them can be worn in a completely different way. The color white is indeed extremely demanding, but it can be tamed if you know how to handle it. It goes with all colors, and looks great with neon colors, as well as black, brown, cream shades and pastels. Such pants can also be combined with all kinds of patterns and designs. However, they have a disadvantage. Those models that have a clinging cut, make all the shortcomings of the figure visible. Therefore, you can choose looser versions made of linen such as seams or bells, which look great, are airy and very comfortable. In addition, they look great in summer with flip-flops on a light post.

You can also wear white pants in colder weather. How to style them then? Just opt for jeans of this color, preferably they should be lightly framed at the buttocks and flared along the entire length. Match them with white sneakers on a thicker sole or black sneakers with a high top. All you need to do is match them with a patterned top or a boxy shirt of a vivid green color and the styling is ready. They also go wonderfully with a stylish bright baseball cap.

White pants can also be worn in a beach version. We are talking about short denim shorts with a wide leg and a raised waist. It is worth it that they have a special cutout on the sides and frayed legs, which will not hug the thighs. Then the legs appear longer and slimmer. What accessories to go with them? You can bet on leather flip-flops with buckles on the side and a basic T-shirt, as well as patterned blouses, preferably with horizontal stripes. If you prefer a more surfer look, bet on comfortable flip-flops and a costume top or a slingback hung as a strapless top. You will then look really exceptionally hot!

However, that’s not all! You can also choose a very interesting version of skirt-pants, which look like a skirt from the front, while from the back like pants. It is worth choosing those in white and matching them with a naked body and an oversize lilac shirt. We guarantee that such styling will be a hit for big outings as well. All you need to do is to replace the shirt with a long, well-tailored jacket and stylish sandals tied on the leg. Such styling will work wonderfully at a party and will certainly get you noticed!

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