Wednesday, 29 November, 2023


Jeans are one of the most popular and most frequently worn elements of clothing. What is more, the multitude of different models allows to choose the perfect pair for every figure type. Jeans, although they are an ideal element of casual styling, well chosen will also work well during more elegant outings. So find out what to combine them with and which model to bet on.

Jeans are one of the most universal and timeless element of clothing. Well chosen jeans can emphasize your silhouette and hide everything that you do not want to show. Check which styling with their participation will work for you!


Parisian women have no equal when it comes to style and class. This is evident to everyone who follows French women on Instagram. Nonchalant combinations are their trademark. In this case, Daphe has chosen a combination of straight leg jeans, tall beige boots and a cream sweater. Everything goes perfectly with a light colored coat, beret and basket bag.

Here in a version with a white shirt. Simple and elegant. However, the nonchalance is added by the way the shirt is worn.


The Italian it-girls love both classic and bold styles. In this case, she paired simple jeans with a blazer, vest and black ballerinas. The whole look is original yet elegant.

Simple yet elegant

Laura Jade Stone loves simple but very elegant and comfortable styles. She opts for high-waisted jeans, which can hide her tummy and draw attention to her waist, and white t-shirts, which go perfectly with her pants. The whole look is completed with a jacket, which adds a casual and elegant touch.

Felicia Akerstrom knows how to put jeans together to make the whole look luxurious. She paired marbled, dark jeans with a black, elagant blouse and a long coat. The latter gave the whole look a touch of class and style.

Looking for a style for a date night or corporate event? Opt for jeans, a white blazer and stilettos!

Rock and claw

Want to add a rocker touch to your outfit? Wear a ramone jacket with your jeans!

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