Wednesday, 4 October, 2023

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Classic or maybe a little more extravagant? The timeless smokey eye in browns or shades of violet? Which eyeshadow palettes to choose for autumn and winter? This season, make-up artists prefer bold colors.

What is the most important thing about make-up?

What is the most important thing about makeup? Definitely the eyes. They are the icing on the cake of any make-up look. And autumn is the perfect time of year to highlight the eyes. The leaves fall from the trees in different colors and their shades are very saturated. The same goes for eye makeup. Bold make-up is king at this time of the year. Many make-up artists opt for bold colors that are sure to come to the fore. In particular, deep, saturated shades of wine, cherry blush, metallic purples, and shiny, powerful browns lead the way

Let’s start with a classic – the smokey eye

Smokey eye is a solution for fans of classic solutions. In autumn and winter we usually opt for browns and beiges. We can easily combine these two cosmetic trends and create a brown smokey eye. How to do this look? First we need to prepare our eyelids properly. Matte cream eye shadow or smokey eye concealer will do just fine. Then we apply a cool, dark brown on the very outer corner of our eyes. Next step is to pat a medium brown satin eye shadow onto the entire upper lid. Choose the shade depending on individual preferences, in warmer or cooler version. We “smudge” the lower eyelid with brown of the same shade in which we smudged the crease of our upper eyelid. On the waterline we put a black pencil and delicately smudge its borders. Finally, we apply mascara to our lashes. Brown is a timeless color, which reigns almost every autumn. Many women say that it is the base for their everyday eye makeup. When it’s windy, foggy and rainy outside, make-up artists like to take bold steps, for example applying bronze to the entire eyelid as an alternative to the classic smokey-eye. Ladies, you can be your own make-up artist and meet the autumn gloom head-on, for example by choosing Dior’s 287 Dive eyeshadow palette. Brown, beige, grey and metallic silver – these are the shades you won’t be able to take your eyes off.

A little more daring than every day

Your fall shadow palette should range from neutral nude shades to deep, saturated shades of chocolate and burgundy. This time of year you want to shine. You can therefore safely bet on beige, pink and gold eye shadows.

For the more daring women, shades of juicy orange are ideal. The orange color beautifully emphasises green and brown irises. Pink and orange tones can be used as eye shadow or blush

Glitter is currently the most popular eye shadow. Jean Paul Gaultier and Michael Halpern are designers who promote the shimmery eye trend. How do you create such a fine, party make-up? You will need coloured glitter, which you attach to your eyelids using a special primer. All fans of luminous make-up also love loose glitter for the face and body – such a look combined with a glitter eye will create a unique duet.

Ladies have been inspired by make-up from fashion shows for years. Models in special make-up look on the catwalks of Michael Kors. Especially redheaded beauties should bet on purple eye makeup with warm reds and browns, which are the basis of autumn closet. The color lilac is not only suitable for cool skin types. Ladies with flame-colored hair may also safely apply it on their eyelids. Fiery orange, gold and ink blue are also perfect for autumn days

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