Wednesday, 29 November, 2023

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Drying hair, especially thick and long hair, is a big problem. But it can be easily solved if you choose the right airflow and keep enough distance between the dryer and your hair. This will reduce damage to your hair.

How do I use my hair dryer the right way?

Blow dryers can damage your hair if the air stream is too hot. This causes the cuticles of the hair to open up and unfortunately the hair can get damaged. It is also a bad idea to blow-dry your hair for too long or to use a strong stream of hot air. If you really want to dry your hair quickly you can blow-dry it from a distance and for a short time. This kind of drying will keep your hair from becoming too dry. Of course, hair care is also important. Application of special oils, which moisturize the hair and protect it from heat, makes the hair more durable and less brittle. However, you should not overdo it when blow-drying your hair because hair, like skin, also contains water. The lack of water makes the hair less flexible and less brittle. The solution is to blow-dry your hair with cold air. This keeps the hair from becoming brittle and closes the cuticles, which smoothes the hair structure and leaves your hair shinier. Drying with a high-powered dryer can be a good option, but only if you use a cold air stream.

Modern dryers come with an additional ionization feature. This allows negative ions to penetrate the hair structure and prevent static or frizz. This type of hair dryer also has a temperature sensor, which makes it possible for the dryer to reduce the drying temperature of your hair e.g. during longer styling sessions. This keeps your hair smooth without the use of a flat iron. If you want to dry your hair with a hair dryer, choose models with adjustable heat output and the option of using a cool setting for the entire drying period. Using the cooler blow-dryer will make sure that your hair is less brittle and shinier as the cuticles close. It’s also very important to dry all of your hair thoroughly, as sleeping with damp hair or tying it up while it’s still wet will make it more brittle and frizzy

Blow-drying with a diffuser also works well as it gives your hair volume and a lot more body. It gives your hair volume and keeps it looking natural

How to use a hair dryer properly?

First of all, you should keep the blow dryer at least 20 cm away from your hair. You should also pause the blow-drying process or blow-dry your hair with a stream of cold air from different sides. Taking good care of your hair is also important because using a hair oil, which reduces the negative effects of hot air, makes your hair less brittle even after prolonged blow-drying. It is also a good idea to blow dry your hair naturally, without using a blow dryer. This rest for the hair will make it less brittle and will definitely be easier to comb. Wet hair should not be brushed if it is heavily tangled. Beforehand, it is a good idea to dry them slightly with cold air from a hair dryer and then dry them naturally. This will prevent excessive hair loss and strengthen the hair structure. For drying, choose only proven hair dryers with ionization and temperature control. On some models you can also adjust the strength of the airflow, which will make your hair much stronger and shinier.

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